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The lack of stairs and a ladder makes moving around the single-level small house on wheels MOBI ONESTORY a pure pleasure! A tiny house trailer without an entresol is an excellent choice for people who do not want or cannot use the steps. It will work for families with small children, the elderly, people with less mobility, and those with pets.


The single-level MOBI ONESTORY was created based on the repeated inquiries of our customers. We have made every effort to create our first small house on wheels which does not have an entresol. One level of the tiny house trailer means a completely different layout of the rooms, which are arranged in a practical way, for the benefit of the user. By abandoning the entresol, we have also set a new, minimum length for this design, which is 7.2 meters. The single-level MOBI ONESTORY is also lower than our standard houses. Thanks to these changes, we have obtained a caravan in which it is very easy and comfortable to move. Of course, each design can be adapted to the requirements and wishes of the customer to make the use of our houses even easier. 

In the small house on wheels MOBI ONESTORY, we have used a practical, double bedroom and we have installed a fold-out sofa. As a result, we obtain a large number of sleeping places without the need to use the entresol.

Small house on wheels without an etresol

Our customers have been delighted with this concept since the very beginning. The lack of stairs and a ladder in the tiny house trailer means that you can move around extremely freely here. This one-level small house on wheels will work for families with small children, because you can give up gates and other security measures against the climbing of the youngest family member to the entresol. The MOBI ONESTORY is also gaining excellent opinions among people with less mobility and the elderly who prefer not to use stair steps. The one-level house is also a godsend for pet owners who do not want their pet to run up and down and wake everyone up during a relaxing nap.

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